Montecarmel dog friendly hotel Verde Inn and Casa de Carmel are dog-friendly hotels. We want our guests, even the four-legged variety, to enjoy their visit.

Carmel is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the world. In many places in or near Carmel, your dog will be greeted as a welcome guest, perhaps offered treats and water, smiles and pats. Carmel city beach allows dogs off leash as long as you can maintain voice control of your dog. Mutt-mitt stations can are readily found.

Monte Verde Inn’s Dog Friendly Rooms
Dogs are allowed in all rooms.

Casa de Carmel Dog Friendly Rooms
Dogs are permitted to stay in Casa de Carmel first floor rooms 1, 2, 3, and 4 only. Dogs are not permitted in second floor rooms because floor noises can be heard by first floor guests. A per dog fee applies. Please inquire before booking your reservation.carmel-dog-friendly-hotel-monte-verde

Pet Fees & Maximum Allowed
Charges of $30.00 per night/per pet will be applied to your reservation separately. There is a maximum of two dogs allowed.

Pet Sitters
Dog sitters and doggie daycare are available in Carmel – please inquire at front desk.

Dog Guest Policies

While we love dogs, we have to have a few policies in place to ensure that all of our guests, including our pooch patrons, have the best stay possible in Carmel.

  • Dogs should not be left alone in the room at any time. We recommend against leaving your dog unattended in your room as some dogs will bark and disturb other hotel guests, or cause damage to the hotel room. During warm weather it is not advisable to leave your dog in the car. In addition the safety-risks posed the dog, there is a Carmel law forbidding it.
  • All dogs must be kept on a leash or in your care in all public areas of the inn, as well as the streets of Carmel. Dogs are permitted to run free (off leash) on Carmel beach only.
  • Dogs are not permitted on the furniture or bedding. Upon request, we are happy to provide dog blankets to cover the furniture and/or bedding upon. Dog owners are financially responsible for any and all damage or “accidents” caused by their dog to property, bedding, carpets and furniture.
  • If your dog misbehaves or becomes disruptive to other hotel guests due to barking or aggressive behavior, the hotel has the right to ask you to immediately control and confine your dog. If you are unable to control you dog, we reserve the right to ask you and your dog to vacate the premises – without notice or refund of monies paid for the reservation including dog fees.
  • Dog pick up bags are located on the stairs to Casa de Carmel and halfway down the parking lot on the side of the Monte Verde building.

We hope that these policies help you and your dog(s) enjoy your stay here at the Monte Verde Inn & Casa de Carmel. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the front desk.

History of the Monte Verde Inn

The records from the 1900s are a bit inconclusive, but the Monte Verde Inn apparently started as an apartment complex in downtown Carmel. Mary L. Hamlin owned the property in 1915, and in 1921 she built two buildings on the corner of Ocean Avenue and Monte Verde Street that were called the El Monte Verde Apartments. The property passed to Ethel P. Young in 1925 and the apartments were managed by her daughter, Virginia Stanton, whose husband, Robert, was a renowned Monterey Peninsula architect and builder. He built the Normandy Inn on the property in 1936, perhaps moving the apartment buildings around the corner to the hotel's current location just southwest of Ocean Avenue on Monte Verde. The initial mention of the Monte Verde Inn came in 1958 in the city directory. Robert Stanton designed a number of buildings in Monterey County, most notably the Monterey County Court House and the King City Joint Union High School Auditorium, both listed on the National Register of Historic Places. He also worked closely with renowned sculptor and artist Joseph “Jo” Mora on several of his projects. Richard and Virginia Stanton were both respected philanthropists later in their lives, including establishing the Robert and Virginia Stanton Endowment Fund for The Community Foundation for Monterey County. Virginia Stanton was the party and entertainment editor of House Beautiful magazine and was one of the founders and a major donor for the Stanton Center and Maritime Museum, now home to the Museum of Monterey.